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Two gallant towering Titans gleamed In morning’s early light

With a welcome to a working world In the Land that hope unites.

Their myriad eyes looked on like ours Transfixed with disbelief,

As flaming arrows struck their sides ‘Till even steel felt grief.

The raging fires recalled the time They first were forged to be

The stalwart standards of New York, Two pillars of Liberty.

What forger called the furnace hence? What next were they to be?

No time to think of the afterlife, Or the pain of this savagery.

They awoke to their call in this perilous fight! For, you see, they had oft heard the song

Of “the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,” And knew they must still be strong.

The twin sentinels held firm as long as they could To protect each fragile ward,

Though the fires that ripped through their very bowels,

Left them battered and shattered and charred.

And if hearts they had, they surely broke, As they watched their dear charges fly

From the shoulders of those who were tasked to protect;

The whole world heard their audible cry!

But as their eyes dimmed, they were let to behold What no others on earth could yet see –

The angels who caught every soul ere it fell, Which on wings of its own, then flew free.

At that they each gave a wrenching sigh; They had no more left to give.

Their shame evoked one humble prayer: Forgive!  Forgive!  Forgive!

Then one by one, those warriors brave, Sank as nobly to the earth

As tons of concrete, steel and glass Could, to still prove their worth.

And as molten steel passed each undaunted heart Of those heroes who’d all come to serve,

It captured a beat from each precious one It so valiantly hoped to preserve.

Does a tiny heart of steel still beat Beneath the rubble deep?

And will those Titans be recalled, Or will they forever sleep?

© 2001 by Carolyn K. Long

The above lines are from “Titans,” Part I of the 9/11 Memorial poem and video, “Angels Over America,” by Carolyn K. Long, author and executive producer of the video. The poem and video, co-produced by award-winning arranger and composer Mark Freeh, can be viewed or downloaded from or secured by contacting

Carolyn K. Long is a professional speaker, consultant, writer and photographer, based in Columbia, MD.

Columbia, MD, September 2006 . . . By all accounts, the ranks of terrorists have expanded dramatically since 9/11, validating the prediction of some terrorism experts that a course of revenge and punishment would create more terror and danger throughout the world.

“In the aftermath of 9/11, U.S. foreign policy has fueled the appeals of terrorist leaders such as Osama bin Laden to fight western culture in all its forms for the sake of preserving a traditional Islamic culture,” says terrorism expert and author Dr. John DiJoseph. He explains that “terrorism is a form of noble cause corruption; the terrorist kills for what he perceives to be a noble cause, in this case, Islam and the oppressed Arab masses.”

“In the aftermath of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln called on the nation to recall ‘the better angels of our nature.’ We might call on them again to help shift the tide of hatred from American shores,” observes DiJoseph, “by increasing humanitarian efforts to innocent civilians injured in war areas, and by using our vast media resources to appeal directly to the Arab masses with popular music and other forms of entertainment emphasizing the positive aspects of western culture, and teaching core western values of freedom with responsibility and democracy. We must become the embodiment of a noble cause to fight their perceived one.”

By following our “avenging angels” in lieu of our “better angels,” DiJoseph notes that we have set the stage for the potential of “unbridled ruin,” as described in the 9/11 Memorial Poem, Angels Over America, by Carolyn Long:

“Help the angels of our better natures rise to freedom’s song

And lead the charge of justice on her path,

So our own avenging angels do not strike in blind revenge

And wreak unbridled ruin with their wrath.”

Both the poem and the 9/11 Memorial video Angels Over America created from the poem by award-winning arranger and producer Mark Freeh can be viewed or purchased from the website, or by contacting Carolyn Long at

Carolyn K. Long, author of “Angels Over America” and co-producer of the 9/11 memorial video of that name, is a professional speaker, consultant, writer and photographer, based in Columbia, MD.

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The events of 911 will be a part of the American consciousness forever.

How they are held there will shape our future.

Columbia, MD, September 2006 . . . A major role of art in any culture is to offer people a way to hold difficult or tragic events that enables them to move forward with hope and courage. At such times, art can comfort those in pain while giving homage to all that has been lost. By illuminating the goodness and wisdom inspired by the event, art can even increase a culture’s empathy and compassion, patriotism and pride.

Angels Over America is just such a work. A spectacular and stirring tribute to 9/11 victims and heroes, this 8-minute memorial video brings an entirely new perspective to a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. The work’s unique metaphor enables people to understand the events from an entirely different perspective than most will have considered. It is both powerfully grounded in the reality of the events and spiritually uplifting.

Angels Over America is dedicated to an America that lost its innocence on this day—but never its hope,” says Carolyn Long, author and co-producer of the video. “The events of 9/11 will be a part of the American consciousness forever. How they are held there will shape our future.”

Award-winning New York arranger and composer Mark Freeh produced the video from Ms. Long’s poem, “Angels Over America,” against the backdrop of his stirring arrangement of “America the Beautiful,” and moving renditions ofAmazing Grace” and ”My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

Angels Over America is a collection of four poems and perspectives, tracing the evolution of awareness, emotion and understanding that lead to transcendence. This work celebrates the courage and resilience that are the hallmarks of the American Spirit, while providing perspective, healing, and hope.

A free, preview version of the video can be viewed or downloaded from the website at  The final version of the DVD with poem, a laminated poster or printed copy of Angels Over America, are available free to the media, or can be ordered online from the website, by email from

Carolyn Long is a writer, photographer and professional speaker based in Columbia, MD. She can be reached at

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