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Angels Over America ™
by Carolyn K. Long

The 9/11 Memorial Poem and Video
Experience this moving poem, enhanced with powerful images and stirring musical accompaniment.

[Purchase the Hi-Resolution DVD]

Dedicated to an America that lost its innocence on this day
– but never its hope.

The events of 911 will be a part of the American consciousness forever.
How they are held there will shape our future.


“We must never forget that tragic day—or what got us through it—our courage, compassion, and commitment to preserving the American Spirit—that spirit of freedom known to all the world. I hope this work not only memorializes but inspires; not only honors but heals.” __ Carolyn K. Long


Our Mission Statement
Angels Over America, Inc., is dedicated to preserving and renewing the American Spirit through works of art that provide an uplifting and ennobling perspective.


* Award-winning New York arranger and producer Mark Freeh created the video from Ms. Long’s poem, “Angels Over America,” against the backdrop of his stirring arrangement of “America the Beautiful,” and moving renditions of “Amazing Grace,” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

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