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by Carolyn K. Long
Annapolis, MD, Aug. 3, 2011


The very phrase “9/11” evokes powerful emotions, as the events of that morning continue to haunt our national consciousness.


 Though focus on September 11, 2001, has understandably been overshadowed in the ensuing decade by other national and global disasters, it is imperative that as a nation we never forget that fateful day. 



This Anniversary is, first of all, a time to come together as a nation to remember and honor those who were tragically lost, and those whose lives were irreparably shattered by the loss of their loved ones. It is a time to pay tribute to those selfless heroes who sacrificed their lives or their health to rescue others. It is a call to all of us as humanitarians to continue to comfort and aid those wounded physically, emotionally and spiritually.



September 11 reminds us of the universality of compassion, generosity, heroism, and the brotherhood we share with all members of the human race. People from every race, creed and color were both victims and heroes. But it is also a reminder to temper anger with perspective.



The United States are not invulnerable, and 9/11 is important as the touchstone against which we can measure our local and national security measures, and our personal vigilance. For only by remembering and understanding exactly what happened on 9/11, how it happened, and what we did about it or might have done differently, can we learn how to avert such events in the future, deal with them in real time and avoid their even more devastating after-affects.



For everyone who lived through it or learns of this time through art or history, 9/11 will always be a powerful reminder to cherish every moment and express our love at every opportunity for those we love.



These concepts are captured in the 9/11 Memorial poem and video, “Angels Over America” by Carolyn K. Long.  The 8-minute video “Angels Over America,” incorporating video, images, music and poetry, is both a stirring tribute to 9/11 victims and heroes, and an artistic work whose unique metaphor offers healing perspectives on this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. (



Award-winning New York arranger and composer Mark Freeh co-produced the video from Carolyn Long’s poem, “Angels Over America,” against the backdrop of powerful 9/11 images and his stirring arrangement of “America the Beautiful” and moving renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”



The “Angels Over America,” poem and video can be viewed or downloaded from the website A YouTube version is also linked to the site. A copy of the video on DVD and a laminated poster of the poem, “Angels Over America,” are available from the website or by email from


Carolyn K. Long, author of “Angels Over America” and co-producer of the 9/11 memorial video of that name, is a Professional Speaker, PR & Marketing Consultant, Writer and Photographer, based in Annapolis, MD.



The events of 911 will be a part of the American consciousness forever.

How they are held there will shape our future.

© 2001, Carolyn K. Long

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