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911 Memorial Celebrations

 By Carolyn K. Long


Annapolis, MD, Aug. 30, 2011 –


On September 11, people will gather at 9/11 Memorial Celebrations across the country to remember the innocent lives lost and the heroes who tried to rescue survivors on that unforgettable day in 2001. They may eulogize them in song or poetry, by name or by group, with photos or videos of the events. Their hope will be to memorialize those lost, to comfort those left behind, to heal a nation’s devastating wounds, and to offer hope that lessons learned would make our world a safer place.


Many other Americans will honor the day privately, reading about the events or current memorials, watching televised remembrances, or simply taking time to reflect upon their own experiences of those horrific days.


Whether spending he day alone or with others, one can find comfort and hope in viewing the 9/11 Memorial Video, “Angels Over America.” The 8-minute video incorporating original photographs and video from September 11 with music and poetry is both a stirring tribute to 9/11 victims and heroes and an artistic work whose unique metaphor offers healing perspectives on this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. (


Award-winning New York arranger and composer Mark Freeh co-produced the video from Carolyn Long’s poem, “Angels Over America,” against the backdrop of powerful 9/11 images and his stirring arrangement of “America the Beautiful” and moving renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”


The “Angels Over America,” poem and video can be viewed or downloaded from the website A YouTube version is also linked to the site. A copy of the video on DVD and a laminated poster of the poem, “Angels Over America,” are available from the website or by email

Carolyn K. Long, author of “Angels Over America” and co-producer of the 9/11 memorial video of that name, is a Professional Speaker, PR & Marketing Consultant, Writer and Photographer, based in Annapolis, MD.



The events of 911 will be a part of the American consciousness forever.

How they are held there will shape our future.

© 2001, Carolyn K. Long, Dedicated to Preserving and Renewing the American Spirit

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